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identifiers - object id number: 3212

title: Narcisse Revisited - video capture of web page with browser glitch - Narcisse Revisited - recombinant work (id: 3212)


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description - content:
This video was captured from the webpage displaying the recombinant work from the archive "narcisse revisited". The firefox browser version 1 was reinstalled to show the original recombinant work with a browser glitch whereby the DIV tags don't display the z-index properly when Flash content is overlapped. The layers flicker as each DIV competes for the top z-index position. I was disappointed when this glitch was corrected in later browser versions as it was a really interesting contingency that added to the recombinant work.

description - technical:
QuickTime Movie
Codec: H.264
Colour Profile: SD (6-1-6)
Duration: 00:00:30
Total Bit Rate: 1,939

description - other:

contributors/participants: no contributors defined
languages used: English
date created: 30/09/2010



access restrictions: open - access date:
archived: no - date archived:
location/coverage: Melbourne, Australia
rights: Creative Commons 2010 Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)
Some rights reserved
retention: Permanent, review after 5 years
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format type: video,
dimensions: width 600 x height 480
size: 7300 kilobytes
mime types: mov - video/quicktime
software used / required: no software defined



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date appended: 03/06/2011 | date last modified: 03/06/2011
entered by: lisa cianci





fonds (collection): Blackaeonium Assemblage #1

provenance (creators): Lisa Cianci

series: the narcisse collar

recombinant groups: narcisse history 01

guest remix groups: no guest remix groups defined



collar, flicker, glitch, narcisse, same_kind, text, video



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